Create Target

Mirrored traffic is sent to destination. In this activity we will configure Amazon ENI attached to an Amazon EC2 instance as a target.

  1. Launch Amazon VPC console in the region where you have created infrastructure:

  1. On the left navigation pane, scroll down and choose Traffic Mirroring, Mirror Targets: selectTarget

  2. Choose Create Traffic Mirror Target: CreateTarget

  3. Enter details as shown below and choose create. Verify Target Type is set to Network Interface: verifyTargetType

    • When you click on Target, it will show list of available Amazon ENIs: selectENI

    • select ENI associated with Amazon EC2 instance that you want to use as target: enterENI

    • For this activity we have already created an instance that will act as a target. Click on the link in recommended region:

  • Click on Network Interface eth0 and it will display the ENI selectENI
  1. At this point you should have your target successfully created: createTargetComplete