Prepare of the Session

This step is required if you are going to configure Amazon VPC Traffic Mirroring using AWS command line interface (AWS CLI)

  • Access the vpctm-client-ec2 instance created through CloudFormation template and run following command to configure AWS CLI:

    1. Install JQ:

      sudo yum -y install jq
    2. We should configure our AWS CLI with our current region as default:

      export AWS_ACCOUNT_ID=$(aws sts get-caller-identity --output text --query Account)
      export AWS_REGION=$(curl -s | jq -r '.region')
      echo "export ACCOUNT_ID=${ACCOUNT_ID}" >> ~/.bash_profile
      echo "export AWS_REGION=${AWS_REGION}" >> ~/.bash_profile
      aws configure set default.region ${AWS_REGION}
      aws configure get default.region
    3. Validate the IAM role. Use the GetCallerIdentity CLI command to validate that the vpctm-client-ec2 instance is using the correct IAM role.

      aws sts get-caller-identity