Create Session

Up until this point we have created traffic mirror target - mirrored traffic is send to target, traffic mirror filter - we created a filter with inbound rule to mirror port 80 traffic. Now we will create traffic mirror session. Traffic mirror session sends mirrored packets from the source to a target so that you can monitor and analyze traffic.

  1. Launch Amazon VPC console in the region where you have created your target and filter:

  1. On the left navigation pane, scroll down and choose Traffic Mirroring, Mirror Session: selectFilter

  2. Choose Create Traffic Mirror Target: CreateFilter

  3. Enter value as show below and choose create traffic mirror session:

    • For mirror source, choose the network interface of the instance that you want to monitor.

      • For this activity we have already created an instance that will act as a source. Click on the link in recommended region:

      • Click on Network Interface eth0 and it will display the ENI selectENISession

    • For mirror target, choose the traffic mirror target.

    • For filter, choose traffic mirror filter.

    • Refer to documentation to understand meaning and importance of each field ClickCreateFilter

  4. At this point you should have your filter successfully created: createTargetComplete